The “sexiest in the world” athlete revealed who she will never date in her life

After breaking up with the NFL star, the tennis player who won the “title” in 2018, revealed the difficulties she faces as a single person: “Some men are afraid to start with me because I’m known”

In 2018, tennis player Gini Bouchard was chosen as the “sexiest athlete in the world” and since then she continues to justify the title when she recently returned to the single market. Just after returning from a pampering vacation in the Bahamas, the 28-year-old Canadian was interviewed by a golf podcast and talked about the athletes with whom she would not enter into a relationship. “I will never go out with a tennis player, it’s like going out with my girlfriend. It’s not related because all day we’ll only talk about tennis and that’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t like mixing work and private life,” she clarified.

Bouchard returned to holding the title after breaking up with NFL player Mason Rudolph, with whom she maintained a relationship for almost a year, and today knows exactly what she is looking for in her next partner: “I have no problem dating an athlete from another sport, just not a tennis player. He must be an athlete, Respectful, and that we trust each other. I think self-confidence is attractive, he must be a fun person to talk to, personality is the most important. After a while, looks fade, so being best friends and knowing how to make each other laugh is the most important.” concluded

The tennis player also said that very soon we will expect to see her coming to cheer on the Canadian team at the World Cup in Qatar, perhaps already in the first match against the Belgian team and said that being in the dating world is not easy at all. “Because I sell, this is something that can deter certain men. There are those who are afraid to start with me. It’s not easy to get along with my schedule, I can suddenly travel for a month and it will have to be someone who has his own career and knows how to accommodate it,” said the Canadian And we in the section have a feeling that she won’t stay in this status for much longer. See you in Qatar.

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