Uniswap Labs Forms Crypto Ventures Wing

The company behind Ethereum-based decentralized exchange Uniswap has launched a venture wing to invest in projects across Web 3, Uniswap Labs announced Monday.

Strategy lead Matteo Leibowitz will run “Uniswap Labs Ventures,” alongside COO Mary-Catherine Lader, Leibowitz said in a tweet.

Uniswap has previously invested in 11 crypto projects, including Aave, Compound Protocol and MakerDAO. The venture unit’s focus will range “from infrastructure to developer tools and consumer-facing applications,” the blog post said.

Uniswap Lab Ventures continues the trend of crypto companies investing in Web3 entities other than themselves. In November, stablecoin issuer Circle launched Circle Ventures Fund, and in January, crypto exchange FTX established FTX Ventures with a $2 billion fund.

The blog post did not disclose the amount of capital in Uniswap’s venture fund.

Lader did not immediately respond to CoinDesk.

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