NFTs Take Hollywood: My Week at NFT LA

The star-studded week brought out the good and bad of NFT mania. But who was NFT LA for?

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) and their biggest fans headed west this week for NFT LA, the latest gathering of JPEG enthusiasts during the technology’s extended coming-out party, now in its ninth month.

The week began with warm Los Angeles rainfall, dampening the conference’s patrons as they made their way to the inescapable beginning of all great NFT conferences: a badge pickup line winding around a city block.

The NFT show is no longer a stranger to the road. Believers in this newly popular form of digital asset have flocked en masse to various NFT-focused events in the past half-year, beginning with NFT.NYC in November and passing through Miami for NFT Basel. Even this year’s edition of South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, had a major NFT presence. (I was fortunate enough to attend all three.)

From the moment I arrived in downtown LA, NFTs were in the air. Bored Ape Yacht Club holders flew around town in packs, hoodies blowing in the wind, their ape chariots (electric Bird scooters) fast as ever.

Uber drivers shilled projects on rides to and from satellite events, handing out QR codes for collections with names like Bored Punk Weed DAO. Outside the conference center, a woman performed an acoustic rendition of Randi Zuckerberg’s “#WAGMI.”

The branding on the Staples-adjacent convention center was a monied reminder that crypto’s influence would be sticking around beyond the week’s festivities.

It was new and yet it wasn’t. Compared with its predecessors, NFT LA didn’t offer that much that was distinct; but for the first time, there seemed to be an expectation that distinct was needed.

The space has found itself in a pivotal moment worth unpacking, lightyears ahead of where it was just months ago.

From Yuga Labs’ recent acquisition of CryptoPunks and its potentially unsettling bid for centralization to growing regulatory concerns on the legality of NFT road maps to the recent explosion of music NFTs, many are left with the lingering feeling that the space’s next moves will be important ones.

Bored Ape rugs (Eli Tan/CoinDesk)

Enter Hollywood

The week started with an opening panel headlined by entrepreneur Mark Cuban. After Cuban’s typical takes on virtual land and a bit of shilling for his own projects, the celebrity investor brought out a series of surprise guests to the stage, which included the cast of “Entourage” and actor Charlie Sheen.

“I’m going to be honest, I don’t know practically anything about NFTs,” Sheen said to the crowd. “Or at least not as much as most of you.”

The joke, while well-received in the moment, underscored some of the frustrations attendees would have with the conference, an event marketed to NFT experts as much as newbies.

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