Bitcoin 2022 Miami: Mining Gets Its Moment Under the Sun

The mining industry took up plenty of space and mindshare at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami, with one participant calling it “a real deal center.”

MIAMI – For the mining industry, Bitcoin 2022 was a moment to take center stage after spending previous conferences more in the shadows. The sector took over almost half the exhibition space at the show and there were plenty of lively discussions on mining with packed audiences.

Throughout the week, new mining rigs were unveiled, long lines of visitors were seen at the booths of mining services firms and some of the larger mining companies said they had their people sniffing around for deals.

In addition, Wall Street investment firms and financial institutions such as B. Riley, HC Wainwright and BNY Mellon hosted events to schmooze with miners, and the week’s mining parties were buzzing with attendees from pools to venture capitalists. There were even some deals that were announced during the week, including Applied Blockchains’s filing for a mining IPO and Core Scientific’s (CORZ) $75-million debt transaction.

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