Is there more beautiful than her?! Michelle Obama in a particularly crazy and hot performance

Is there more beautiful than her?! Michelle Obama in a particularly crazy and hot performance

Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the USA, graces the November edition of the online magazine ESSENCE in a super edgy block from the hot brand Diesel! Scroll for all the details

ESSENCE magazine, dedicated to the lifestyle, fashion and beauty of African-American women, chose the former first lady of the United States to cover the November edition, which opens the online series of the American media company. Michelle Obama, 58, who these days launches the Her new book looked radiant and edgier than ever on the cover, in a casual block but at the highest level!

The new series of ESSENCE magazine is dedicated to key figures and conversations about African-American culture, when Michelle, who already 6 years ago left the White House with her husband Barack Obama, was chosen to open the series. In an interview with the magazine, Mrs. Obama talks about her new book “The Light We Carry” which was published earlier this month, in which she normalizes the discourse about menopause in women and weight gain, emphasizes the importance of facing fears, and talks about “the inner flame that can motivate us all to greatness” that starts already in childhood. For her, “the light we carry” ranges from the personal to the interpersonal, with Michelle taking a deep look at the broader implications of her ideas presented in the book.

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